Too Many Avenues for Excuses


Our society has created too many avenues that we can use to find excuses in life.

Despite what the gurus have been spouting lately, life is not easy. Love, making money, reaching your dreams; these things are not easy. Existing is, but living is not. Success in anything takes hard work, perseverance, and often times, a lot of failure.

It is so much easier to find a reason to not try. Anymore, it seems that we are actively finding excuses that allow us to avoid the unpleasant feeling of failure, but in that we also lose the ability to fully experience life. Its the ups and the downs that show us what true joy is and we may never find it without falling hard on those low points.

We have to move aside those blocks that we have put up with excuses and fears in order to make things happen for ourselves. Looking deep inside ourselves we know what our real hurdles are and what we have maintained as mere excuses. Both hurdles and excuses can, and need to be, cleared in order for us to get what we are after but it us up to us and fully within our ability to do so.

The constant barrage of new reasons to remain complacent or unmotivated will not end, it is up to us to move forward despite them.